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Private Browsing on Firefox for Android

SUMO Contributor

Private Browsing on Firefox for Android

This article was incorrectly migrated to the support forum and will no longer be maintained. For the current content, please see the following article:

Private Browsing on Firefox for Android



Use the private tab in Firefox for Android to visit web pages without saving your history, passwords or site preferences.

What does Private Browsing not save?

  • Visited pages
  • Form and Search entries
  • Passwords
  • Downloads (downloaded files will still be saved to your device, but they will not appear in Firefox's download history)
  • Cookies
  • Temporary Internet files (cached files)

Get a truly private browsing experience with Firefox for Android. Use the private tab to visit websites without being traced or tracked.

Private Browsing will:

  • Prevent history, passwords and entries from being saved
  • Stop autofilling forms and search fields
  • Block cookies
  • Block temporary Internet files
  • Block third-party tracking elements on web pages you visit. (Tip: You can turn this off at any time. See Tracking Protection in Firefox for Android)

Open a private tab

  • Open a blank, private tab: Tap the Firefox Menu button (either below the screen on some devices or at the top-right corner of the browser) , then tap New Private Tab.
  • Open a link in a private tab: Long-tap on a link to bring up a menu and choose Open link in Private Tab.

View open private tabs

Tap the tab icon at the top of your screen, then tap the mask icon to view the sites you've opened in Private Browsing.

private tabs m36 private browsing

To close a tab, tap the X next to the tab you want to close. You can also close all open tabs by tapping the menu button, then Close Private Tabs.

Warning: Private Browsing doesn't make you anonymous on the Internet. Your Internet service provider, employer (if using your employer's WiFi, for example), or the sites themselves can still track what pages you visit.
SUMO Contributor

Re: Private Browsing on Firefox for Android

I tested this article in emulator with Android 5 and Firefox for Android 34 and the part where is says "Close All Tabs" in the articles shoule be "Close Private Tabs".

I dont know if this have changed in versions so i will leave it up to someone else to make the change.

Site Administrator

Re: Private Browsing on Firefox for Android

You're right, scootergrisen. I've updated the article to reflect this.

Thanks, Joni

New User

Re: Private Browsing on Firefox for Android

According to the article, In private window bookmarks should not save on Firefox for android . But in my mobile bookmarks stayed after I close my private windows which i saved in private window mode.

SUMO Contributor

Re: Private Browsing on Firefox for Android

You are right, this is the correct behaviour. Bookmarks you add and files you download will be saved on your device. Hope someone will edit the article and delete the wrong information.

Site Moderator

Re: Private Browsing on Firefox for Android

This article includes a Needs Change entry: Revisit and mark for L10N in late September

I checked the article History and Discussion threads. I have no idea what this refers to so I removed the Needs Change entry from the article Description.