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Implementation of 802.11 (Wi-Fi) ad hoc feature

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Implementation of 802.11 (Wi-Fi) ad hoc feature

The 802.11 (Wi-Fi) ad-hoc feature is not supported neither Android nor iOS. However this feature is very powerful.

In general this can allow communication without any use infrastructure in cases such as :

* Connectivity in developing area (India, Cambodia) [1]
* Electronic health care [2]
* Wildlife monitoring [3]
* Urban monitoring
* Undersea communication
* Military applications
* Emergency relief operations [4]

As you can see this field is a research domain developed and growing. Nonetheless its use for a global audience is not yet feasible, indeed we -the masses, the consumers- do not have any product (expect laptop, heavier than smartphone) supporting the DTN[5] features.

The implementation on our smartphones would make these use-cases possible :

* Communication after a disaster (earth quake, terrorism attack) which destroyed infrastructure so the emergency service can organized themselves
* Communication when a dictatorship shutdown usual communication ways
* "Tribute communication", is it necessary to send data to a 4-klm-far antenna when you just when to send a "where R U?"-SMS to a 100-m-close friend ?
* City-wide network with town-related information (buses timetable...)

Some mobile applications exist already[7].

So... Here is my question. Mozilla, will you implement this ad hoc feature ?

Please, make the difference with Android[6] or iOS. Thousand of consumers want and need it already.

[1] : & [2] : [3] : [4] : [5] : Delay -/Disruption- Tolerant Network, [6] : [7] :

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Re: Implementation of 802.11 (Wi-Fi) ad hoc feature


That sounds really interesting but this is a support site only I'm afraid. Very few of the people answering questions here are Mozilla employees we are almost entirely community volunteers (including me). So we can't take feature requests.

The best place to submit your request would be here:

And it also would be worth opening a bug on bugzilla:

Bugzilla is a method used by all Firefox OS contributors to organise work, problems, bugs, feature requests etc.

Also see here:

I hope this helps. If you do open a bug please post back here with a link to the bug so that others who find this page can track what happens to it.

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Re: Implementation of 802.11 (Wi-Fi) ad hoc feature

First of all, thanks a lot ! I was wondering if this was the right place. I was wrong, you corrected me Smiley Happy

As you suggested, here is the bug file link :

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Re: Implementation of 802.11 (Wi-Fi) ad hoc feature

Great. Thanks for posting the link.

Judging from the other bugs that you linked to from your bug it looks like this has already been worked on quite a bit. One of the developers mentioned v2 of Firefox OS as the target milestone for this feature.

So hopefully you will get your wish.

Thanks for using Firefox Smiley Happy