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How do I stop Firefox unloading background tabs?

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How do I stop Firefox unloading background tabs?

Hi there,

Can anyone tell me how to stop firefox for android unloading tabs it thinks are in the background and not being used?

Here's the situation - I had about 5 tabs open in firefox on my Galaxy Note (around 1GB memory) and no other applications open. 4 were from a forum site (few/no graphics, nothing fancy in the page layout, shouldn't have large RAM requirements). I was writing a long post, I opened the fifth tab and performed a google search, dipped into wikipedia to check something, then went back to my post. I went through each of the other tabs to get there as the thumbnails all looked the same. Each one had been unloaded from memory (zombified) and was reloaded fresh, losing all the stuff I had been writing and seemingly knocking the others out of memory. This meant that by the time I found the right tab again what I had been writing was lost.

This behaviour is annoying, not just because you lose form data, but also for slow connections and metered connections it re-grabs the entire page, wasting time and data allowance. The entire point of background tabs (for me) is that the data is there waiting to be read, it is not just a bookmark.

I understand why the developers did this, to save memory on android devices, but it's far too aggressive.

Is there an about:config setting that allows me to stop this behaviour? Is there any way to stop firefox doing this?

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Re: How do I stop Firefox unloading background tabs?

I have had this problem for quite some time through many versions of Firefox. It has also done this on the stock browser. Actually very irritating. I often at times will have multiple tabs open (About 3) and sometimes I will be writing something,, stop...then go to another tab to check something on Google or copy sone text...start to go to the other tab, it's still there but the entire page reloads and I lose the message/comment I was writing. I have made a habit of using the copy/paste function for fear of losing all of what I wrote..happened one too many times. And in the case of copying from another page, you just have to hope your text is still there......:/