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Help with session

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Help with session

Hello all. I have sort of found information regarding this issue, but not entirely so I come to you.

Yesterday I was working on a profile for another site, and when I hit submit it told me to log-in. Once logged in, I lost all of my work. In hindsight, I would have copied it just in case, but I don't have that luxury unfortunately.

I have closed and opened my browser a couple times in order to attach add-ons to assist with this in the future, but I know there has to be a footprint of sorts with the page in that session.

I am on a Mac... I am not technical, but I am also not an idiot... just a fool that forgot to copy/paste on a site that said nothing about session timeouts.

Is there anything I can do to retrieve this page? When I had it filled out, and hit the submit, that log-in prompt happened, but I hope that will make this possible to retrieve.

I thank you already for your assistance and I hope you can help fix this issue.

Thank you!

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Re: Help with session

No, you can't recover that text. Try installing an addon from which backs up text in a text area

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Re: Help with session

Hi Firefly!

From what I read you lost the work you did in a text-box or a form in a site and you are trying to recover it.

Unfortunately, there's no way to recover that if you already moved on but there's a solution moving forward. An add-on that automatically saves it so if you go back in history (with the left pointing arrow), the form will show up with the information that was there when you pressed submit. I tried it in the past and it works wonders.

Take a look to it here:

I'm sorry again for not being able to solve your situation right now but I hope that this information helps you in the future.

Have a great day! Ibai