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Firefox has let me down!

New Contributor

Firefox has let me down!

There have been several posts in this forum about the ability to remove or delete the "Top Sites" page from Firefox for Android, and the devs have not listened to any of the complaints. Having a "feature" shoved down our throats is exactly why I switched to Firefox on the PC many years ago. It is sad that this abomination cannot be removed or disabled. I make my own home page for my browsers, and even if I used a regular page for my home page, I want to go to my home page when I start a browser. If I wanted to go to a list, I would put the list on my home page.

I went on a vacation to Puerto Rico about a month ago, and I looked at many sites for the places I would visit. I will probably never go to Puerto Rico again in my life, but Firefox believes that these are my "top sites". How about letting me choose what MY top sites are?

I am a computer technician, and I have switched many people from inferior browsers to Firefox on their PCs, but I am finding that I am starting to use Google Chrome often recently on the PC. I don't know if I will switch totally to Chrome for the PC, but I have uninstalled FF on my Android phone, and I will be using Chrome more often on my PC, since the FF developers now want to be like Microsoft and tell US what we need and want, rather than to let us tell THEM what we need and want!

It was fun for many years to watch Firefox slowly creep up on IE in the browser wars, and I was rooting for FF to eventually come out on top! Sadly, FF's usage statistics have now actually fallen below the level they were 4 years ago, and now FF is in 3rd place and fading fast.

Dear developers,

Will you let us customize our browser, or will you continue to tell us what we need, and force "features" upon us?

I guess I can't complain too much about something that is free, but this seems more like I am writing a letter to Microsoft, Apple, or Sony.

As we end this relationship, I will say to you the greatest breakup line: It's not you, it's me. I'm sorry - goodbye!

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