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Firefox Android Font too "Thin"

New Contributor

Firefox Android Font too "Thin"

Hello all,

I've been running Firefox Nightly and Firefox Beta on my Galaxy SIII (and now Nexus 4) for some time and it is by far my favorite browser... The only thing that drives me crazy is that the default font seems so "thin" compared to Chrome or anything shown on an iPhone for instance.

Screenshot of the latest Nightly vs the latest Chrome:

How can I fix this?


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Re: Firefox Android Font too "Thin"

Hmm.. This can be really bad at time. Please use the Suggestion Box while I contact a colleague of mine. Thank You!

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Re: Firefox Android Font too "Thin"

Thanks for looking into it. I have submitted a suggestion in the suggestion box... I am attaching my image here so people won't have to use the external host.

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Re: Firefox Android Font too "Thin" has been filed