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Client Certificate on Android

New Contributor

Client Certificate on Android

How can a client certificate (.pfx) be installed on Firefox on android(v22)? Or is FireFox using the android certificate store?

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Re: Client Certificate on Android

Scroll all the way down to Android. This should answer your question.

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Re: Client Certificate on Android

That is incorrect information. Firefox manages certificates itself. Firefox does not use the Android certificate databases.

Firefox should prompt to install the file if you can access it from the web. I used the files from to test.

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Re: Client Certificate on Android

Firefox import Certifcate Authority not user. You need to create AddOn. see my reply (in french forum) French Mozilla Forum

// Sample Function


   var wm = Cc[";1"].getService(Ci.nsIWindowMediator);
   var browserWindow = wm.getMostRecentWindow('navigator:browser');
   var certDB = Cc[";1"].getService(Ci.nsIX509CertDB);
   var filePicker = Cc[ ";1" ].createInstance(Ci.nsIFilePicker);
   filePicker.init( browserWindow, "Import Certificate", Ci.nsIFilePicker.modeOpen );
   filePicker.appendFilter( "Certificat","*.p12");
   var result ={
   if (e==Ci.nsIFilePicker.returnOK)
       var theFile = filePicker.file;
       certDB.importPKCS12File(null, theFile);
       preferences.setBoolPref("installed", true);// For next launch...
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Re: Client Certificate on Android

Warning , a bug block certificate usage. see : []

  • status-firefox26: --- → affected
  • status-firefox24: --- → affected
  • status-firefox27: --- → fixed
  • status-firefox25: --- → affected

It's work with Firefox 23 or the Nightly Version.