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Bugs with Mobile FF & Sony Xperia Keyboard

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Bugs with Mobile FF & Sony Xperia Keyboard

Hi, I'd like to report a bug or problem using Mobile Firefox on a Sony Xperia Tipo running Android 4.0 ICS. Whenever I try to enter text on a forum (such as this one) the standard Xperia keyboard appears. However, three things do not work as they should.

The first minor point is the keyboard does not automatically switch to caps mode for a new sentence, like it does normally.

Secondly, and much more annoyingly, the 'return' key does not work at all (it puts in spaces instead).

Thirdly, if you try to delete from the end of a line with the backspace key, it often crashes the keyboard, giving a "Sony Xperia keyboard has stopped working" message. After that, no more text input is possible in Firefox, but the kbd DOES still work fine in other apps.

Points 2 and 3 are seen particularly in landscape mode, portrait mode seems okay

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Re: Bugs with Mobile FF & Sony Xperia Keyboard

Sounds like several bugs. I wrote up a guide on how to file bugs recently, want to try it out?

Here are the existing bugs for Xperia keyboard issues:

When you report the bugs, put it in the Firefox for Android product and the Keyboards and IME component. And try to include as much information as you can on how to reproduce the problem. Thanks!

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Re: Bugs with Mobile FF & Sony Xperia Keyboard

Thanks lizhenry VERY useful.

I'll try to do those bug reports tonight.

EDIT: The general crashing seems to be logged already as bug#856755 (

I've now posted all my issues as bug #870934 ( I already had a user account, so I must have posted some general "FF on PC" issues before! On reflection, should I really have done them as separate reports?

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Re: Bugs with Mobile FF & Sony Xperia Keyboard

Andy: I'm glad it was useful!

If you can reproduce them on the latest Nightly build, they should probably be separate reports. That is based on my sense that they could be different issues and different bugs to fix that might have more than one cause.

So if want to see if you can confirm the bug still exists on the current development version, take a look here :