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Asus Transformer Keyboard not working

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Asus Transformer Keyboard not working

Neither the Dock keyboard or any of the on screen keyboards are functioning. They'll sit there as i hit keys and nothing will get entered on the screen. Sometimes flipping between the two keyboards helps, but only for a few key strokes. If I get the keyboard working, every time it will be in the middle of the page, the cursor will jump to the beginning of the document. When I put the cursor back in the right position, after a keystroke or two, the cursor jumps back to the top of the page again. I've tried the asus keyboard, the Android keyboard and the hard dock keyboard, all with the same results.

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Senior Contributor

Re: Asus Transformer Keyboard not working

The problem reminds of the following question:

I cant fill in textboxes in ff

There's answers there already that could help.

Regards and hih

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Re: Asus Transformer Keyboard not working

Yes, this should be fixed in Firefox 19 or 20. If you would like to try either of those builds you can install Nightly from