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how can i 'connect to server' in email app

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how can i 'connect to server' in email app

When i try to send mail via the phones email app, it says 'unable to connect to server'. As in order t'send pics it takes me to my email, i'm not able to send pics either. I used t'be able to but it also stopped updating emails. I've tried to 'synchronize messages' to no avail. Only way i can send em is by goin to 'hotmail' but can't send my pics via hotmail. Hope that makes sense to someone, thanks

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Re: how can i 'connect to server' in email app


Is your email configured properly? Have you tried removing the email account and readding to see if this fixes the issue? Could you provide a screenshot of this issue?

Also, can you provide the following?

  • What is the model of your phone? (ZTE Open, LG Fireweb or Alcatel OneTouch Fire)
  • What is the OS version found in the Device Information page? Please visit this link if you need help finding the Build ID of your phone.
  • Please provide the exact steps to reproduce the issue you are encountering.
  • Who is your current cell phone carrier?
  • How often do you encounter this issue?

Please be sure to include as much detail as possible, including any websites that may exhibit this issue, and any error messages that you may be receiving, exactly as they appear. This will ensure that we will have all the information needed to investigate into this. Thank you for your help and we look forward to hearing from you!

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Re: how can i 'connect to server' in email app

Hi nellybeech, Andrews questions will help troubleshoot this issue further, however some more troubleshooting steps we can take is to check your outbound server information in the account settings. Depending on which email provider you can track issues using adb as well. Producing the issue and putting adb logcat > text.txt will create a log file as you send a mail.

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Re: how can i 'connect to server' in email app

Hi, replied to 'feer56', a long reply but i got the 'firefox having probs' message, so it hasn't sent & i had to rewrite, so this is a 'test'. If it gets posted, i'll rewrite to u, thanks