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Deleteing caldav calendar event

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Deleteing caldav calendar event

hi there,

i have the flame device with b2g kompilation: 20140809160202

to my problem: i have connected to my caldav calendar on my arkos (raspi distro). all events are shown, i can create events but i can not delete them. when i tap the delete button, it just flashes, and does not switch back to the overview and the event is still there. it is a normal http connection (non https).

i can delete the events with other clients. for example evolution.

can anyone help?

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Re: Deleteing caldav calendar event

Hello pan_kisiel,

I have the same symptom and also there are other entries in the forum mentioning the same problem. There is a bug report open that describes the problem ( If your symptoms match this, you could add your information to it.

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Re: Deleteing caldav calendar event

Hi pan_kisiel,

I was unable to replicate this on a HTTPS CalDAV on my Flame with version and BuildID 20140811000210.

I wonder if this has to do with the non-secure connection to the server, perhaps for security reasons. Are you able to make HTTPS connections to your server?

At any rate, WerWer, thanks for sharing a link to that open bug! =)

- Ralph

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Re: Deleteing caldav calendar event

tried it, but it did not work either..