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This template was created Jun 19, 2012. Related discussion: list of articles that need a link

I think the use of this template needs to be documented somewhere, to explain:

  • How are the links generated?
  • Is this template supposed to be added to all new KB articles?

I don't see this mentioned in Anatomy of a Knowledge Base article or Article review guidelines but I noticed this KB article discussion thread was posted, when it was left out of a new article: "Template:ShareArticle" at the end missing

Here is a new article recently created that is missing "Template:ShareArticle": Firefox opens with a transparent or blank window

i added share template on Firefox opens with a transparent or blank window article!

This came up again:

Swarnava said

I have bitly credential, if i can help in any specific area let me know :)

The process needs to be documented somewhere, such as the Article review guidelines and these questions should be answered:

  • Is this template required for new and existing KB articles or is it optional?
  • Should articles be approved for localization without this template?
  • Who is responsible for creating the short links and how are they notified that an article needs this template?

I'll link to this thread from the Article review guidelines related discussion.

Copied from list of articles that need a link

AliceWyman said

From the Feb 25 2013 SUMO meeting under Knowledge Base: [[Template:ShareArticle]] with short links are now being included in KB articles but isn't documented in any "How to contribute" article. KB article editors and reviewers need to know whether it's required and, if so, how to get it added. <snip> (AliceWyman)
This was discussed briefly (see the video, linked from What's up with SUMO - Feb. 25) but no action item was set.

Since these links aren't documented as being needed in Article review guidelines or in any other "How to contribute" article aimed at KB editors, I'm just going to consider them optional.

Verdi said

They are optional. The idea was to make it easy to include links to articles in Army of Awesome posts. Like I said in the meeting, access to the mozilla bitly account is needed and there isn't a process (that I know of) for granting that access. I'll see if I can find out.

Discussion is continuing in that thread.

In Bug 864492 we worked though ideas to make the survey at the bottom of articles more visible. One part of that is to shorten this template. I'll make a new version that does that.

The content of this template was removed on July 10, 2014 and the comment in /kb/templatesharearticle/revision/67518 indicates that this template will soon be deleted.

Related discussion thread: