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Note: This applies to the latest Firefox {{{channel}}} version which can be downloaded from{{{slug}}}.
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The "Relevant to" products are reorganized (see Bug 674920 - Reorganize "Relevant To" products).

We need to know the version applicability of each article. It's now listed in article tracking that is going to be destroyed soon. Moreover, only some new articles have an applicability note at its beginning.

This template will replace Template:Only in Fx4 and Template:onlyinbeta and should be used for every articles created for Fx4 and above and Fx5 for mobile and above.

Here are several examples:

  • For Firefox 6:

{for fx35, =fx4, =fx5}

  • For Firefox 7 Beta:

{for fx35, =fx4, =fx5, =fx6}
[[T:ApplytoFx|version=7 Beta|channel=Beta|slug=firefox/channel]]

  • For Firefox 6 for mobile

{for =m4, =m5}
[[T:ApplytoFx|version=6 for mobile|slug=m]]

  • For Firefox 7 Beta for mobile

{for =m4, =m5, =m6}
[[T:ApplytoFx|version=7 Beta for mobile|channel=Beta|slug=m/firefox/channel/]]

It will also replaced the newly created Template:onlyinmobilebeta template. One template for three previous templates is a good deal.

The search summary is way to long because of the syntax.

Should it be moved to the article content as a comment ?

Also it seems that newlines are removed from "Search result summary" so it apears all in one go on the same line, which makes it hard to distinguish the different for's from each other.

The current version of this template is this one (it's not marked RFL):

Revision id: 78473
Created: Oct 16, 2014 5:13:20 PM
Creator: jsavage
Comment: added conditional note
Reviewed: Yes
Reviewed: Oct 16, 2014 5:13:26 PM
Reviewed by: jsavage
Is approved? Yes
Is current revision? Yes
Ready for localization: No 

{for not fx34}{note}Note: This applies to the latest Firefox {{{channel}}} version which can be downloaded from{{{slug}}}.{/note}{/for}

Update for fx35 so that Firefox 34 users see it? Right now it only appears for Firefox 33 and below.

Related discussion in the "Template:update fx desktop" thread, /en-US/kb/templateupdate-fx-desktop/d.../5907 {for}

Here's the current search summary:

For articles that have been created for Firefox 4 and above. The syntax is: {for fx35, =fx4, =fx5} [[T:ApplytoFx|version=6|slug=firefox]] {/for} {for fx35, =fx4, =fx5, =fx6} [[T:ApplytoFx|version=7 Beta|channel=Beta|slug=firefox/channel]] {/for} {for =m4, =m5} [[T:ApplytoFx|version=6 for mobile|slug=m]] {/for} {for =m4, =m5, =m6} [[T:ApplytoFx|version=7 Beta for mobile|channel=Beta|slug=m/firefox/channel/]] {/for}

I'll add this as a Need changes comment to the Description.

I think we should gradually retire this template and use the "update fx desktop" template instead. I'll remove the {for} conditions because the articles using this (that aren't already archived) already include the relevant {for} code.