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Superheroes Wanted!

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The purpose of this forum is to discuss the Superheroes Wanted! "How to Contribute" article. This is not the place to get help or report problems with Firefox.

To get help with Firefox, you need to use the Firefox Support Forum, not this forum. Here is a link to the starting page for asking a new question in the Firefox Support forum:

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I have just signed on as a contributor. First order of the day:

                                SUPERHEROES WANTED

1. Create an account: .......and will let(I am afraid that we have left 'us' out of this sentence)keep track........

                                                                             Regards, DOWTONg

The title of this article may be inviting spam. See the Spammers thread on the Moderators forum:

I suggest renaming this article "Contributors wanted!" or "Quickstart guide for new contributors", since the "For contributors" sidebar link to this article is named "Quickstart guide".

I agree - the word "superheroes" may turn into something unwanted.

IIRC there was a previous and rather heated discussion about this very subject not all that long-ago. I think my inclination would be to vote to change it; as a minimum add some qualifier.

  • Superheros wanted (by Mozilla Firefox)
  • Fiefox Superheroes wanted
  • or obviously more humours but loosing the snappy short title
    • Superheroes: Wanted dead or alive, Firefox

Anything like this is obviously a localisation problem as will have been said previously.

I'd like to remove "superheroes" from the title but since John99 wants to keep it based on his suggested titles, another option is to simply remove Discussion from this article? (Reviewers can do that by editing the Description.) That might be the best solution. Of course, this discussion would disappear then.

tl/dr ignore my initial comments, maybe I have phantom memories, (about superheroes !).

Personally have no strong preference for keeping the word superheroes. I just seem to recall a prior discussion and since the name still exists was trying to think of a compromise that others may agree to IF there is some strong desire to keep the word superheroes.

I do not immediately find anything after a couple of quick searches, & surprisingly a kb discussions search does not even pick up the word superheroes The discussion forum searches do not pick seem to up anything remarkable.

The Moderators forum "Spammers" thread posts about this article show that both spam incidents were by the same user, on the same day. We should probably wait to see if this article Discussion forum gets any more spam before deciding to rename the article or disable Discussion.

The Superheroes Wanted! article now redirects to (see /kb/superheroes-wanted/history) the "problem" has been solved!

Perfect! I liked the superheroes wanted page though because it gave more information..