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Firefox Aurora Forums

Welcome to the Firefox Aurora Forums!

Choose the forum which best fits your feedback and start telling us what you think

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The two liner kb article may suggest it is just for comments.

Who is making use of the informaton if anyone posts ?

Maybe if it is to be used the kb article could expand on details of the purpose of the forum.

Otherwise archive the kb article because it is a distraction and close the forum as it will at some stage again get unwanted threads that only admins can deal with. It does not even have any report it buttons for abuse reporting.

This "Navigation" article was created Jan 24 2012 by user shollmann who is the group leader and only member of the Aurora Forum Helpers group. It is this user's only KB contribution and was approved Jan 26, 2012 by cww. the only contributor forum post by this user was his one-line "this is a thread" post here:

Archiving this article and removing the two Aurora forums is something that should be discussed in the contributors forum (or else placed on a SUMO meeting agenda to discuss?)

There was an earlier discussion in the contributors forum involving the Aurora forums:

  • /forums/contributors/708298 [ATTN: Admin] Firefox Beta and Aurora discussion forums - who is moderating? (was: Remove threads in not-yet-active forums)

I added a new post to that discussion, with a link to this thread.

Copied from the related bugs:

Comment 4 madalina 2013-07-24 06:00:54 PDT
Aurora forums are not being used anymore, Marketing initially wanted to create a community forum for Aurora but the project has been dropped. I suggest these forums should be removed.

Bug 897459 - Remove Aurora Forums and specific code

Scoobidiver 2013-07-24 06:18:03 PDT
Per bug 892095 comment 4.
Existing threads should be moved to the Off Topic forum.
Madalina, what about the Firefox Beta Community and Firefox OS forums (already in AAQ)?

The forums are inactive. The article doesn't seem to be needed from what i just read. I think we should wait for somebody else other than me who has a clue about this as to me not having a single clue.

I've added this to the "Need changes" list.

Archiving now...