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Forum Response - Mixed Content


If a secure web page includes certain types of insecure content, Firefox blocks the insecure parts of the page to keep you safe online. To find out how you can tell when Firefox has blocked insecure content on a web page and how you can unblock the content, if necessary, see the article Mixed content blocking in Firefox.

Let us know if this helps.

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I created a new canned response for mixed content blocking.

See /forums/contributors/709523 and /questions/967322 for the background.

P.S. I did a google search and found a number of other SUMO threads on this.

I also made a revision to common forum responses and added this new canned response under "Hot Topics" (it's pending review).

+1 I approved it. I guess it is not as bad as may have been predicted because there is already information about it on the internet and other browsers adopted something similar first.