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Will Firefox work on my mobile device?

Firefox is also available on Android and Apple phones and tablets. Use it with Firefox Accounts to sync your bookmarks, passwords and browsing history across your desktop and mobile devices.

Android devices

Android 2.3 through 2.3.7 and 3.0: Effective April 2016, Android 3.0 (Honeycomb) devices will no longer receive automatic updates or support for Firefox.

In May 2016, starting with Firefox version 47, Android 2.3 through 2.3.7 (Gingerbread) devices will no longer receive updates or support.

Firefox is compatible with Android 4.0 or above devices. ARMV6 devices and Android versions older than 4.0 are no longer supported. Installation requires about 50 MB internal storage, 384 MB of RAM and a display that is at least 320 pixels high and 240 pixels wide. You can download Firefox for Android or search for Firefox in the Google Play store.

Important: If you search for Firefox in the Google Play store and don't find Firefox for Android, your device may not be compatible.

iPads, iPhones and iPod touch devices

Firefox is available on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices with iOS 8.2 and above. For more info, see Is Firefox available for iPhone or iPad in my language?

Other mobile devices

Firefox is NOT available for Windows Phone, Windows RT, Bada, Symbian, Blackberry OS, webOS or other operating systems for mobile.

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AaronMT added references to Firefox 5 and changed the device list based on

There had already been a discussion in /forums/knowledge-base-articles/704898#post-30993 about which source to choose:

The answer was the Android device compatibility overview because it is the most up-to-date list. But in that case, the two lists match.

It needs review.

I approved it as a major content change that needs immediate updates.

I removed any reference to the Firefox version and changed some keywords. It needs review.


I just landed in this page and I'm wondering if it's not a better idea to remove HTC and Samsung from the Nexus One and Nexus S.

We know that they are the manufacturers but they are not branded as such. If any, they are branded as Google phones.

Happy to discuss any reason against the idea.

The names come from the Android device compatibility overview, which is also used to update the supported device page.

You need to talk to the mobile developer team for such a change.

[Approved] Firefox version and keywords.

mluna edited the device list. It needs review.

mverdi approved it.


I have just filled out the support form for testing Firefox on Droid X2. Can I change this article yet?


Thanks for testing Droid X2. I think we wait until the spreadsheet is updated. But, I'll check to make sure.



Ok, we checked with the QA guys and they are going to update the compatibility spreadsheet to include Droid X2 so your edit shouldn't have been rejected.

Thanks, Michelle

When Firefox 8 for mobile is released, it will come with security fixes, so Firefox 7 for mobile will be unsafe. But Firefox 7 for Maemo is the latest version on Maemo.

In a previous revision in pending review, I was recommending to install Nidroid instead of Maemo in order to be able to run Firefox for Android. It has been edited by mluna with the following reasons: "remove sentence about nitdroid, we can't assert that user will be safe using anything but our current software. "

Is the Mozilla policy: "throw away your N900 and buy a new Android phone if you want to surf safely with Firefox for mobile"?



Would it be possible to handle these device lists with templates? In this way there would be substantially no need for locale groups to update this article as the list would be maintained centrally.


That's an awesome idea! Sorry for just noticing this now.

+1 on templates! that's exactly what i am thinking for ff21 underpass! if you have any specific ideas on this please post them here! ...Roland

Let's do templates right now since we're working on the article. No need to wait for Fx 21.

It could be done something like this:

=Supported Phones=

etc., etc.

so should we need create seperate template for seperate manufucture?

I am taking this!

Swarnava said

so should we need create seperate template for seperate manufucture?

I am taking this!

We just talked in IRC but for everyone else, I'm going to work on this with feer56 who is already editing the article as part of the technical writing program.

Hi Andrew,
Thanks for taking this article on. It's one of our most important Android articles. Everyone wants to know if Firefox will work on their device and they come to support to find out.

There are few things we can do to make this article better while we're working on updating it. The first thing we can do is move the list of devices into templates. This idea was proposed by underpass, our Italian locale leader. This is awesome because it will make keeping this article up to date easy for our localizers. Right now, every time we add something to the list, every locale has to add those items to their version of the article. And since they are device names they don't get translated (check out the Italian version for example).

So if we put all of the device lists into templates and then we update the templates, the changes will show up automatically in the localized versions of the article. This is ok since the information doesn't need to be translated.

In addition, we can break the lists up by manufacturer so that someone can jump right to that section from the table of contents. I've done the first one so you can see how it's done. Also, check out the documentation on templates.

To continue where I left off, be sure to base your revision on mine by clicking the pencil next to my revision in the history view.

Note: When creating the templates, be sure to uncheck the box labeled "Allow Translations" so that nobody accidentally translates these.

Verdi said

Swarnava said
so should we need create seperate template for seperate manufucture?

I am taking this!

We just talked in IRC but for everyone else, I'm going to work on this with feer56 who is already editing the article as part of the technical writing program.

Swarnava: See


Michael, I edited Will Firefox work on my mobile device? - could you have a look if it's going well? If it's good I'll continue, if not - please suggest the changes. Thanks!

just seen, cool, go go go :)

Swarnava said

just seen, cool, go go go :)

I'm waiting on Michael to check it over and give me the thumbs up for where I am right now. It's also a lot to do :)

Andrew this looks great! Keep going!

Verdi said

Andrew this looks great! Keep going!

Cool! I'm starting on the Tablet section now, can you confirm that what I started on there is good?


A new template came up from an edition here:

Should this be added?


Hi Andrew,
I was thinking about this again yesterday and it occurred to me that we did this the hard way. I think we can actually put all the phones into one template and all the tablets into another template. That would still make it easy for localizers and it would make it much easier to maintain in English. I created a new revision that put all the phones into one template. Check it out and do the same thing with the tablets.

Sorry for the extra work.
- Michael

I made the finishing templates for the tablets and the Nokia's.. Michael, hopefully it meets your expectations. Thanks!

Hi Andrew,
This is looking pretty good! There are a few more things to take care of in this article but I'm going to let Roland handle this one from here since he is the Android support coordinator.

Hi Andrew:

Looking great! Sorry for the late feedback but I was on holiday yesterday (Family Day in Vancouver, Canada)


1. Please delete the Nokia section (Michael and I don't think we should be mentioning this since we don't officially support it and I am not sure what version of FF works on Maemo anymore and if the current Maemo version is up to date with security fixes).

2. Please delete system requirements (ARMv6, ARMv7, minimum display resoultion, vivate GPU, etc) and replace with a link to: which has the same information

Once you have done that, I think we are done with this article.

After we are done with the article, I will take a quick look at SupportJakeH's revision:

Not sure where he got the notion that the Samsung Galaxy Note II is a supported device. I think SupportJakeH is right and that it's supported but I will double check with QA; I found another device Android compatibility spreadsheet at:

and if the Galaxy Note II is indeed supported, I will add it to:

Luckily since tested tablets and phones are now templates and these templates don't require localization, adding devices to the templates for tablets and phones doesn't require localization.

Hi Roland,

I have edited out the Nokia phones, fixed a typo and added a get help section. The spreadsheet you provided seems like more back breaking work..

Anyways, we still have time before fx 19 is released.

Take care!


Hi Andrew:

Thanks again for working so fast!

Final Nit picking edits before I approve (which are probably my fault since I gave you a link with the locale, "en-US" in it; you never know we might localize these pages in the future).

Remove the locale from links please:

1. Please change:


2. Please change to:

Also the sentence: " Please see the system requirements that are listed mobile requirements page. " has a typo, right? I think it should say something like " Please see the system requirements that are listed on the mobile requirements page."

Finally I agree that that spreadsheet is a bit of a hard slog; I will worry about it; you don't have to. I suspect it's a bit out of date; I will ping QA about it.


I forgot to proof read - my bad. Anyways, I got it fixed and family day for us is the coming up Monday. :)

Also, I can help with some of the stuff on the spreadsheet once you get it clarified - keep me informed!


Take care!

We're almost done! Here are some tiny things to simplify:

  • System requirements section - move it above the TOC and instead of linking to that other page (people don't need to go there if they are already here) just copy the requirements over here. Specifically: "Firefox is compatible with Android 2.2 and above devices. Installation requires about 16 MB internal storage and 512 MB of RAM"
    • Roland is that page out of date? Isn't the ram requirement less now?
  • Section titles - "Supported Phones" and "Supported Tablets" or "Tested Phones" and "Tested Tablets" is fine. Saying both supported and tested is unnecessary because it's a bit redundant at least from a user's point of view.
  • Other Operating Systems section - remove "For details, see the Firefox Mobile Platforms page." That page is out of date and doesn't look like it's being maintained anymore.
  • Remove the "How To Get Help With Firefox for Android" section. We have a link to ask a question on every page of this site.

Also, FYI, I just added a revision that adds a note to the top of the article about compatibility. The system requirements section should go above that.

Verdi said

    • Roland is that page out of date? Isn't the ram requirement less now?

Michael: Yeah that page could be out of date, I'll ask QA.

Firefox 19 still requires 512MB RAM:

Firefox 20 will work with 384 MB RAM:


Did you want me to make the changes suggested?


feer56 said

Michael, Did you want me to make the changes suggested? Andrew

Yes please!

Okay! Will do tonight.

I'm not sure if the edits I made are good but please do have a look!

Thanks Andrew,
I made another edit to clean up extraneous information.

Roland what do you think? Ship it?

hi andrew, thanks! i will check it one last time and ship it! thanks to andrew and michael!

Fx 19 isn't out yet.. Isn't it too early to ship or was this article just out of date?

feer56 said

Fx 19 isn't out yet.. Isn't it too early to ship or was this article just out of date?

Hi Andrew:

Thanks for that! It's a valid concern but this is covered by the "latest version of Firefox" blurb that Michael added. (and yes until your great work, this article was out of date!)

Thanks again for all your hard work on this article!


Roland/ Michael: There has been a recent edit to How do I install Firefox on an Android device? and I was wondering should we approve or not.

Consideration could be given to a third way.
Make a template for the spec and include that in both articles. And at the same time include the hard inilne link from within Install Firefox on an Android device using Google Play.

I am thinking that we may like to maximise exposure to the minimum spec, especially as Fx Mobile is new and so many potential users may not be expected to know what the spec is.

The spec is currently fairly short, but looking towards the future I wonder how long before it changes? If we are going to use it repeatedly a template is a good idea.

Off topic but whilst I have attention of the Mobile experts:

Maybe somebody can find a good clean way to add this information to this article.

Thanks James for pointing this, i added a revision here and will ping Roland about it!

I was not referring to adding just the few listed examples but also mention the new support of intel Atom cpu as of Firefox 26.0

There are actually several more devices that use a Intel chip as those in article were a few examples.

Some more based on the cpus used by the examples.

Also there is the economical "HP Mesquite" 7" tablet that Walmart in USA sells for under $100 uses the Z2460 Medfield as at least one poster on forums confirmed the 26.0 release and the 27.0b1 on Google Play worked.