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Page Info window - View technical details about the page you are on

The Page Info window gives you details about the page you're on and also lets you set custom permissions for that website. To open the Page Info window:

  1. Click the Site Info button button to the left of a web page's address to open the Control Center.
  2. Click the arrow to the right of the dropdown panel.
    Fx45 Control Center
  3. Click the More Information button in the next prompt.
    Fx45 Control Center - More Info

The Page Info window is organized into different panels. Each panel is described below.


The General panel includes basic information about the page such as its title, content type and size, as well as more technical data from the page source.

Page title

  • Address: Displays the URL (Uniform Resource Locator) of the page you're visiting.
  • Type: Displays the content type (MIME type) of the page you're visiting. This type is determined by the web server.
  • Render Mode: Displays whether the page conforms to web coding standards (Standards compliance mode) or if Firefox must display the page in a way that is compatible with non-standard code (Quirks mode).
  • Text Encoding: Displays what character encoding the page uses. This can be changed from the View menu.
  • Size: Displays the size of the page in kilobytes (and bytes).
  • Modified: Displays the date and time the page was last changed.


The Meta field displays any metatags located in the page's source code. These can include specifications on file type, character encoding, author, keywords, and more.


The Media panel displays the URL and type of all the backgrounds, images, and embedded content (including audio and video) that loads with the page. You can click on any item to find out more about it including its:

  • Location: The URL of the specified item.
  • Type: The file type of the specified item.
  • Size: The size in kilobytes (and bytes) of the specified item.
  • Dimensions: The size of the item on the screen in pixels.
  • Associated Text: For images, the "alternate" text that displays if the image is not loaded.

For any item, you can choose to save it to your hard drive by clicking the Save As… button.

Block Images from domain

Checking this optionpreference will prevent pages under the specified domain from loading images automatically.



Lists the URL and type of any web feeds associated with the page. To subscribe to a feed, click on its link in the list.

Note: If the page has no web feeds, the Page Info window will not include a Feeds panel.


PageInfo-Permissions Fx50PageInfo-Permissions

The Permissions panel lets you override optionspreferences for the domain listed after Permissions for. Uncheck the Use Default box to specify whether the page is allowed or blocked from doing the indicated action.


Activate Plugins

Lists installed plugins and specifies whether the domain should Always ask, Allow, or Block each plugin from loading. The Why do I have to click to activate plugins? article explains how these permissions are set for specific sites.

Access your Location

Specifies whether Firefox is allowed to tell the listed domain where you're located, using Location-Aware Browsing.

Hide the Mouse Pointer

Specifies whether the listed domain is allowed to hide the mouse pointer.

Install Add-ons

Specifies whether the listed domain is allowed to launch the extension or theme installation dialog box. See the Security and passwords settings article for instructions on how to add or remove installation permissions for sites.

Load Images

Specifies whether the listed domain may load images automatically.

Maintain Offline Storage

Specifies whether the listed domain is allowed to store offline content.

Open Pop-up Windows

Specifies whether the listed domain may launch pop-ups. See Settings for web content, pop-ups, fonts, and languages for instructions on how to add or remove pop-up permissions for sites.

Receive Notifications

Specifies whether the listed domain is allowed to send Push notifications.

Set Cookies

Specifies whether the listed domain may set cookies. See Settings for privacy, browsing history and do-not-track for instructions on how to add or remove cookie permissions for sites.

Use the Camera

Specifies whether the listed domain is allowed to use your camera. This applies to sites that have video or image capture capabilities, such as video chat sites. You can set this to Always Ask, Allow, or Block.

Use the Microphone

Specifies whether the listed domain is allowed to use your microphone. This applies to sites that have audio recording capabilities, such as voice conferencing sites. You can set this to Always Ask, Allow, or Block.



Website Identity

  • Website: Lists the domain of the page.
  • Owner: Displays the site's owner, if the page's identity can be verified.
  • Verified by: Displays the agency that issued the security certificate the site uses if there is one. Click the View Certificate button to see the certificate.

Privacy & History

  • Have I visited this website before today?: Displays whether you've visited the site before today, and if so, how many times.
  • Is this website storing information (cookies) on my computer?: Displays whether the site is storing cookies. Click the View Cookies button to view the cookies if it is.
  • Have I saved any passwords for this website?: Displays whether you've saved login information for this site. Click the View Saved Passwords button to view the passwords you've saved for the site.

Technical Details

The Technical Details section displays whether the connection is encrypted for privacy reasons, and if so, what type or strength of encryption was used.

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