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Getting started with Firefox for mobile

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The Getting Started article needs to be updated to reflect the menu items that have moved from the identity menu to the android hardware menu button.

I'm working on these changes now.

Thanks, Michelle

I added three screenshots to the article for m6 and some text to describe the new menu items available.


I tweaked the {for} markup and added some wiki button styles. I think this is ready but I'd like to double-check it after the release tonight.

Thanks, I think this works, I approved it.

Since there was very little changed and both Michelle and I have looked this over and approved, I'm going to mark the latest version as ready for L10n.

Michelle, there are two unrelated revisions in pending review about the quit button. Is a merge needed?


I just added the pinch to zoom feature to this article. With that added in, there isn't really a reason for the Zoom in and out of websites on Firefox for Android article. I think the link can be removed, and the article could possibly be removed unless we want to keep it for problems later. I still think that pinch to zoom should be included. Those that won't figure it out will learn it right out of the gate, and perhaps eliminate a Support question later.

As described in, a section about Copy & Paste is needed.

This is a really nice addition but I think it's out of scope for this article. The sections in this article are supposed to be brief and link to the full article for details. In this case there is some important information in the Zoom in and out of websites on Firefox for Android about text reflow and the more difficult (than double-tap) to use, pinch to zoom. Maybe you can work that language into the other article?


Verdi said

Maybe you can work that language into the other article?

I may not agree with your rejection, but I do see your point. I have big fingers so I use pinch to zoom quite a bit to tap links in websites. That's why I wanted to put that section here.

I added the same little bit to How do I zoom in and out of a website. I also reformatted the section a little by using bullet lists to make the instructions stand out.

This was posted by underpass today in the KB articles forum:

underpass said

Hello Michael, is it possible that the first part of the article only applies to older versions? I don't seem to be able to swipe the browser controls in and out...

(I'll lock that thread and link here for a reply).


Hi Alice,

Sorry I don't understand: in the very first thread of this forum is given the link to the thread I've posted in. Then you split the thread and redirect me once again here... Wouldn't it be better to delete the thread

Thanks ;)

Hi, underpass, is the stickied, locked "Related article discussion" thread that most KB article forums include, which gives the background of the article. New questions or comments about the article get posted in a new thread.