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How do I retrieve my sync tabs?

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How do I retrieve my sync tabs?

I've synced both pcs like the directions tell to. Everything is synced. I need to retrieve my open tabs on PC1 onto PC2 however there are no options anywhere that tell me how to.

How exactly do i retrieve any of the items that are synced? especially my open tabs?

Kind of pointless to sync tabs if i cant retrieve it.

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Re: How do I retrieve my sync tabs?

On the History menu there should be a menu item "Tabs from other computers", if you select it a new tab opens showing the sites from the other computers.

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Re: How do I retrieve my sync tabs?

Bookmarks, tabs, and history that are synced are all integrated in the versions of Firefox I'm using (Firefox 9+). To retrieve synced tabs, look for a triangle at the far right of your tab row (near the window controls-minimize/maximize/close), click it and you'll see an option "Tabs From Other Computers". You can also pull it up by typing in about:sync-tabs on the address bar (aka "awesome bar").

Your bookmarks are not divided up by the computer name from where they were created; just open the bookmarks & you'll see them in a monolithic list. History items are treated the same way: Firefox won't tell you where those history items were added; they are just added chronologically to your browser's history.