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How do I get rid of "old" sync 'instances' from my Sync-ed group of FireFox devices?

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How do I get rid of "old" sync 'instances' from my Sync-ed group of FireFox devices?

I have been using Sync to share History, Bookmarks and Tabs for ~a yr on three devices [my main computer (an XP desktop), a rarely used laptop (Windows 7), and an Android tablet]. A couple of months ago I replaced my HARD DRIVE, requiring the creation of a new sync profile. Other issues with firefox caused me to recreate new profiles.

Now when I use sync on my tablet to access currently open tabs, I see 6 different sets of "currently open tabs". one from the tablet, one old one from the laptop and four sets of tabs from my desktop computer. Each of them is a different snapshot in time of some open tabs; only one of them is current. How can I clean this up?

Perhaps the easiest way to to just redo the Sync registration for my main and then all of my additional devices. IS there another way?

Also, is this possibly related to my main computer not "finding" Bookmarks that I have Tagged? This is most annoying; as I had begun to use Tags as a means of avoiding creating a Library employing massive hierarchy of Foldered bookmarks. This worked great for a long time; but now many tagged bookmarks are just never displayed.

Thanks in advance!

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