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Firefox can't sync all bookmarks from PC to Android phone/tablet

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Firefox can't sync all bookmarks from PC to Android phone/tablet

Hi all,

I'm using Firefox since the very beginning (2002 or something like that) and unfortunately I was extending my bookmarks since then. With every update it has been growing and growing. Now Places Maintenance add-on tells me that my moz_bookmarks table has 8526 records and moz_places has 10216 records. I guess it is causing some problems with Firefox Sync on Android.

So I basically configured Firefox Sync on my two PCs and all my bookmarks and passwords were synced correctly. So it proves that Firefox Syncs works just fine, even for bigger bookmarks tables. I also configured dedicated portable Firefox on PC to sync my selected bookmarks (~80) with my Android phone and tablet, but as my tablet allows me to do much more right now I decided to connect it with my regular Firefox running on my PC.

So the sync between regular Firefox running on PC and Firefox for Android suceeded without any problems, though it seems not all bookmarks have been synced as I can't see most of them. So if I go to any bookmark folder I can see few of the entries in that dir and that's all. Other entries are missing. It seems it happened to all my bookmark folders (even those with 3-4 entries). What is interesting sync with my portable Firefox works just fine (only 80 bookmarks).

At first I thought something went wrong during one of the dozens of Firefox upgrades (especially when bookmarks.html was converted to sqlite db). So as suggested by some tutorial I backed up my bookmarks manually, removed all places* files and imported the backup. Still the same problem.

I also used Places Maintenance add-on with different actions and still no luck. So now I tend to think it is related to some limitations of Firefox for Android (as it works without any problems with smaller number of bookmarks). I tried it with Firefox 16.0.1 and 17.0 beta for Android (the same versions for Windows 7). It happens on my both devices (HTC One X phone and Asus Infinity TF700T tab). Any ideas, suggestions ? I'm really tempted by the idea of having access to all my bookmarks, but I'm failing to find working solution for this.

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