How can I select the Quicktime plug-in (in Firefox) as the Helper Application, as only programs out of the web browser are shown?

I recently updated my QuickTime Plug-in (7.7.4) on Firefox 21. Prior to the update, I could open midi files in the Firefox and other browsers with a QuickTime Player. Now, I've got my Windows 7 computer asking how it should save or open the file. The QuickTime Plug-in is enabled and works with other types of files. If I open Tools, select Options, and select Applications, I do have the option of selecting "Use QuickTime Plug-in 7.7.4 (in Firefox)" for many file types. For the "Midi Sequence" type, it isn't an option, (only programs which open the midi files outside of the browser). Presently my only option is to use "Windows Media Player" as the default program, (opening midi files outside of the browser). "Mid file" allows the selection of the QuickTime Plug-in but still goes out of the Firefox browser to use the Windows Media Player, whether the file's extension is .mid or .midi

Is these someplace I can find the "Use QuickTime Plug-in 7.7.4 (in Firefox)" with the "Browse" within my computer's files, or am I now stuck using the "Windows Media Player" when a plug-in should be able to do this simple task? I can watch YouTUbe (in Firefox) but cannot play a midi file (in Firefox)!

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