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Tbird insists I must turn 'accept cookies' ON in Firefox -- but I did and it IS on.

Attempting to send email (gmail account) in Thunderbird using Firefox. 'Accept cookies' is ON. Thunderbird insists it's OFF. Nope, it's ON. IMAP enabled. Thunderbird receives all my incoming messages but says I can't send anything out unless I "accept cookies".

Thunderbird won't login to ATT Yahoo mail (With new suggested settings and Oauth2 password)

Cannot access Yahoo mail for about two weeks now with T-bird. I am using the latest version with inbound.att.net and outbound.att.net with Oauth2 selected. I have an Oauth password from AT&T, when I try to use this I get a pop up that asks me for sign in credentials. When attempting sign in it says I need to enable cookies. (Firefox) I have given "cookie" permission to https://att.com, https://yahoo.com, https://login.yahoo.com. Can't get past this, any suggestions or additional permissions I might try?

[Gmail] Impossible to validate Gmail account configuration on Gmail pop-up, getting stuck on email address

Hi! I've just been willing to configure my Gmail address under Thunderbird, and got stuck at the Google email validation pop-up. Everything goes well until this pop-up appears, where Google is asking for the email address (which is automatically filled in), and then theoretically its related password. What happens is that once I validate the email address and click "Next" to type in my password, the page reloads the email address validation field, leaving me stuck at this stage with the impossibility of validating my Google email-password validation. I don't know for what reason I can't see the password field after validating the email one. It seems to work fine on other apps. My current hypothesis is that there is a cookie setting or a blocker on the Thunderbird pop-up that prevents the Google validation from proceeding correctly… Would you have any idea of what is going on and any suggestions to configure my Gmail address another way? Many thanks!

Gmail OAuth window stuck at 'next' button

It seems a [https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/questions/1157498 bug from 2017] (that has been fixed in an earlier release) resurfaced: I changed my Gmail password in the Google Accounts web interface. Opening my Gmail account on Thunderbird then causes an OAuth authentication window to popup, as expected. It asks for an email address, which I input. Then I click on the 'next' button, but instead of going to the password entry field, it brings me back to the starting point where it asks me for a

Thunderbird Gmail account oauth redirect loop

Hello, An account that I've had working properly for at least a year has suddenly stopped working in Thunderbird after I had to update the password (via gmail.com). I'm on Windows 8.1, using the latest version of TB (68.11.0 32bit). What happens is that when I try to download email to that account in TB, I am presented with a popup window that says "Enter credentials for ... on imap.gmail.com." No matter how many times I type in my email, I just get the same "enter your email" page endlessl

TB on the Mac not saving passwords

I installed TB 68.10.0 on a Mac running Catalina and successfully transferred my previous profile from a Portable App version of Thunderbird. I can access my accounts if I enter the passwords in the dialog box. However, if tick the box to enable Password Manager, the accounts do not connect and the Password Manager does not save a password. There are no passwords in there and the cookies setting is set to accept. After ticking the box and entering the password if do a Get Messages for the the account, the password dialog appears again.

thunderbird agenda issue with adding yahoo caldav calendar

hi, I'm using Thunderbird 78.2, I want to add in the agenda Thunderbird my Yahoo calendar, I add agenda, select calvad, I put my yahooname and yahoo caldav url : https://caldav.calendar.yahoo.com/dav/user_name/Calendar/calendar_name then I 'm asked to enter my password multiple time it never ends ..., see screenshot attached to this post , the question in the window popup is : required authentification Mozilla Thunderbird : the site https://caldav.calendar.yahoo.com asks for a username and

login to server smtp.mail.yahoo.com with username xxxxxxx@yahoo.com failed

I just created a new yahoo e-mail acct and am having a problem sending mail through Thunderbird. I get the above message (also attached). I have connected the yahoo acct to the gmail app on my phone and have no problems sending mail from my phone. I can also logon to yahoo directly and send mail. I can receive mail without any problems in Thunderbird, I just can't send mail. I have another yahoo acct in Thunderbird, setup exactly the same as the new one (server settings and acct settings) a

Setting up Gmail in Thunderbird

I'm setting up a new email with Gmail and I have logged on there, all sorted. This is a new Gmail account in addition to one I already have. The next step is to set up the new account in Thunderbird. I get to a screen "Set up an existing email account" where the Gmail configuration is found. I selected Done and the next screen is Google One account, with the email in the yellow box. I selected next and the email vanished with the same screen minus the email coming up. I keyed the email, select

Removing and adding back AOL email accounts

I use TB 68.8.1 with 4 AOL accounts, 3 of them are POP and 1 IMAP on a Windows 7 PC. AOL just sent a notice saying that by October 20th, I need to 1. download their apps to my devices, not going to happen, 2. continue using a 3rd party client but remove and add back the accounts to reconfigure for their new security or 3. use a 1 time app password that must be redone every time you sign out. This option seems cumbersome since my computer is not on all the time. Do I really need to remove the

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