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When trying to pay for anything with PayPal within Firefox, I can log into PayPal but then the payment page never loads. Other browsers work just fine.

No matter which website PayPal is used on, as long as I try to pay from Firefox, PayPal will not load the payment screen. Other browsers perform the sane transaction just fine. I have tried clearing cookies and cache. Also, I have tried the security icon in the address bar. Why is this happening?

clearing cache

I read instructions on clearing cookies and cache. Question, If I check the box to clear the cache, which your instructions said will require websites to reload images and data, will I lose all my photographs that are on several websites such as twitter and pinterest?

Microsoft won't allow Firefox logon

I am running Windows 10 Pro on a Dell XPS 8930 with Firefox 80. When I attempt to go to the Windows Community, I receive the following: https://user-media-prod-cdn.itsre-sumo.mozilla.net/uploads/images/2020-09-09-12-19-01-944e48.png] If I use Edge, there is no problem. Any ideas here?

Firefox gives my homepage URL an extraneous extension of 5 random characters - which generates a 'file not found' error message.

I have already tried clearing the cache & cookies with full restart. This resolves the issue temporarily, but it returns after time. First recorded occurrence was 9-4-17. After clearing cache & cookies as mentioned above, observed it again on 9-14-17. Cleared it & now it's happened again 9-24-17. Uncertain if there's a pattern there regard the dates, as I was away from my office yesterday the 23rd to see if the problem would have presented itself then. Thank you for your time, insights, & suggestions. PS: I tried to share a screen shot {45k} , but the upload tool just keeps spinning.

firefox keep logging me out of evey website when I close it

i have followed this but no result Firefox will => choose "Use custom settings for history" Make sure that "Always use private browsing mode" is unckecked. Check : "Remember browsing and download history" Check : "Clear History when Firefox closes" To the right : click "Settings" and check only "Cache" (nothing else, unless you want to check "Form and Search History" too)

GoDaddy email not working with Firefox. Need help!

Hi, I cannot operate email in GoDaddy using Firefox. When I try to compose a new email (which requires a new box to pop up) I get a "loading" box that just spins indefinitely. When I want to forward or reply to an email, again, requires a new box to pop up, I get the "loading" box. When I switch over to Internet Explorer, I have no problem, which is how I know it's a problem with Firefox. I have called GoDaddy twice and they don't know how to resolve the issue. The pop-up blocker box is unch

I've built firefox from source, and I'm having issues accessing some websites with it

Using firefox built from source on Linux It seems to be affecting mostly twitter (https://twitter.com/) Typing in the address bar or clicking links causes nothing to happen (nothing specials logged to the terminal, dev console shows no new requests). Oddly it works opening such links in a private window. I tried "Restart with Addons Disabled" but it doesn't fix it.

Gmail OAuth window stuck at 'next' button

It seems a [https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/questions/1157498 bug from 2017] (that has been fixed in an earlier release) resurfaced: I changed my Gmail password in the Google Accounts web interface. Opening my Gmail account on Thunderbird then causes an OAuth authentication window to popup, as expected. It asks for an email address, which I input. Then I click on the 'next' button, but instead of going to the password entry field, it brings me back to the starting point where it asks me for a

Thunderbird Gmail account oauth redirect loop

Hello, An account that I've had working properly for at least a year has suddenly stopped working in Thunderbird after I had to update the password (via gmail.com). I'm on Windows 8.1, using the latest version of TB (68.11.0 32bit). What happens is that when I try to download email to that account in TB, I am presented with a popup window that says "Enter credentials for ... on imap.gmail.com." No matter how many times I type in my email, I just get the same "enter your email" page endlessl

Firefox will not open www.hotmail.com or www.outlook.com - it acts like nothing was typed into the address

I am trying to get to my hotmail account, but when I type www.hotmail.com or www.outlook.com it acts like nothing was requested. If it is a brand new tab, it just stays blank and does nothing. If there was already an address in the address bar, it reloads the preexisting website. I have a bookmark for Hotmail as well but clicking that does nothing. It flashes the tab icon and stays on the current website. Hotmail works fine on IE and fine on the app on my phone - the problem appears to be

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