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Firefox Multi Account Containers

When I log in to my google account using Firefox Container Tabs and after after sometime Clearing all cookies in the Browser Google Account logs out, Is there any way to keep it logged in ?

Page isn't redirecting properly ?

I cannot get into a website, but I tried on Chrome and I the site is accessible and runs well I get the message "page isn't redirecting properly" Cookies etc. I enables every cookies, still not working How do I fix this please?

Can't Undo permanent private browsing...?

I was messing around with Privacy & Security settings. Under Cookies & Site Data, I checked Delete Cookies & Site Data when Firefox closes. I've decided I don't like it and want to uncheck it. But now it's greyed out and I can't find any way to change it back. It says I'm in permanent private browsing mode. There MUST be a way to change this back to how it was! What is it???

Logged out from all website after run firefox on Windows

I have Firefox in Debian 10 and Windows 10, after about 3 days of time using Firefox in Windows, Yesterday I have used this again, And I understand when I use Firefox in Windows, I will logging out from all websites in Firefox in Debian. I produced this problem before but does not understand it happen because I used Firefox in Windows last time. Looks like all cookies will erase in Debian. But I do not know why. Please note I have logged in to Firefox before and this does not happen when I logging to my Firefox account.

Firefox can't load youtube settings.

Firefox can't load youtube settings, instead show endless preloader animation. Win 10 FF 78.0.2 64bit I cleaned the cookies, tried safe mode, tried to delete all plug-ins, tried to delete the browser profile, I reinstalled Firefox - no result. What should I do?

Thunderbird won't login to ATT Yahoo mail (With new suggested settings and Oauth2 password)

Cannot access Yahoo mail for about two weeks now with T-bird. I am using the latest version with inbound.att.net and outbound.att.net with Oauth2 selected. I have an Oauth password from AT&T, when I try to use this I get a pop up that asks me for sign in credentials. When attempting sign in it says I need to enable cookies. (Firefox) I have given "cookie" permission to https://att.com, https://yahoo.com, https://login.yahoo.com. Can't get past this, any suggestions or additional permissions I might try?

Problemas de acceso a Facebook

Hola a todos, Tras instalar la última versión de Firefox (la que tenía instalada era más antigua que Matusalem) ahora estoy teniendo problemas para acceder sobre todo a Facebook, y a determinadas webs que antes si podía acceder. ¿Sabéis que puede estar pasando? Ya he verificado todo lo relativo a Cookies, pero no consigo decirle que me deje en paz ciertas Cookies. En fin, seguiré investigando. [https://www.todoporteros.es Guantes de Portero]

[Gmail] Impossible to validate Gmail account configuration on Gmail pop-up, getting stuck on email address

Hi! I've just been willing to configure my Gmail address under Thunderbird, and got stuck at the Google email validation pop-up. Everything goes well until this pop-up appears, where Google is asking for the email address (which is automatically filled in), and then theoretically its related password. What happens is that once I validate the email address and click "Next" to type in my password, the page reloads the email address validation field, leaving me stuck at this stage with the impossibility of validating my Google email-password validation. I don't know for what reason I can't see the password field after validating the email one. It seems to work fine on other apps. My current hypothesis is that there is a cookie setting or a blocker on the Thunderbird pop-up that prevents the Google validation from proceeding correctly… Would you have any idea of what is going on and any suggestions to configure my Gmail address another way? Many thanks!

Can't clear old site data

A web site I used was updated but Firefox stillshows the old information. I went to the web site in MS edge and it shows the new data. I have cleared the cache and cookies multiple times and even resarted the computer but still show the old site inforamation.

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