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Opening a link in a new tab brings opens to a page of Chinese writing

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I have had several web sites today that have re-routed me to a page filled with Chinese. The location bar shows the correct destination, but it brings up chinese on an otherwise blank page. The page I selected to view was at this URL: http://www.exposed.su/CIA_Director_John_Brennan_Credit_Report.htm But this is how the page was displayed. file:///home/jess/Pictures/Screenshot%20from%202013-03-16%2019:10:03.png

Can anyone tell me what happened with it? It has never happened to me before today when I have seen several sites do the same thing.

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Type about:config in URL and search browser.newtab.url and change the value to "about:newtab"

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You can check the encoding to see if it is currently set to an UTF-16 encoding when visiting the page.
You can try an UTF-8 encoding or other encoding.

  • Firefox > Web Developer > Character Encoding
  • View > Character Encoding

That server is currently not working for me, so I can't check it.