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Firefox 18.0.2 failed to check for updates on Windows8 Enterprise

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When I check for update in Firefox 18.0.2 it is showing that Firefox is Up to date. However, the latest version is 19.0. After a little googling I found an addon Httpfox which shown me the URL firefox is requesting to check the updates. It is


This is giving a XML with empty update tags

However, if I change Windows version from to like this,


it is showing some update related xml.

Is the manual download and install is the only solution I've left with now?

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Don't install Firefox 19 on your computer yet. We've turned off updates to Firefox 19 for Windows 8 because of a crashing bug related to certain graphics cards on Windows 8. We are working on a 19.0.1, which will be safe to install, and it should be out in a few days.

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Of course if you are certain you have no AMD components you could upgrade.

Alternatively try out Firefox 20 on the Beta channel, that is intended for advanced users, but does not seem to suffer from the crashing issue that is affecting Firefox 19 on some Windows 8 machines.