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Smart folder "Most visited" position in bookmarks toolbar is not consistent among 2 synched firefox installations

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I have Firefox installed on 3 devices:

- desktop, windows XP - desktop, linux ubuntu 12.04 - android mobile, ICS 4.0.4

Latest updated version of Firefox (Italian) on every device. Installations use Sync to synchronize bookmarks, passwords and history. I have set browsers to show bookmarks toolbar. The probelm: "Most visted" smart folder, should be the first item on the very left side of this toolbar. When I switch from one desktop to the other one, most visited folders does not stay in his position, but I find it on the very right side of the toolbar as last item. If I drag it on the left, when I switch to the other destop, after a while, it goes again on the right. I close the browser before changing desktop. I tried to delet the smart folder, ad reset it setting the proper key in about:config section. This does not fix the issue. How can I have the folder remain on the left side, and this being consistent among the various installations?