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How can I add Google gadgets to the Firefox homepage with Firefox 13.0.1?

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Google is discontinuing iGoogle homepages. I would like to add these to the Firefox home page and use that for my new default. I use NOAA Weather gadget, the Google Calendar, the BBS news gadget, the Funny act photos gadget and the Moon Phase gadget.

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I assume these all open as ordinary web-pages, and that you are able to find links for them.

You are able to add as many pages as you wish as a list of homepages, and each one opens as a separate tab. Add each separating each one with a pipe symbol. |
(probably shown on the keyboard as a vertical line, or maybe a vertical line with a gap.) There are also other ways to add pages. See

You may also be interested in a new feature.

It is possible to set new-page tabs to include thumbnails that link to pages and so open them. The feature is customisable, so you can choose what pages it will display. At present it uses the ordinary browser cache, and so the thumbnails disappear if you clear the cache. That may improve in a future version.

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