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Firefox drag and drop images

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In the past I've always been able to drag images from a webpage onto my desktop, allowing me to save the images quickly, instead of having to right click on the image to save as, etc.

In the versions past 3.5 of Firefox on the mac, the image have extra information that render the file unreadable.

For example a simple png, the beginning of the file looks like: <89>PNG^M

When dragged from FF 3.5+ onto the desktop, you get: ^_<8b>^H^@^@^@^@^@^@^C^A?^DÀû<89>PNG^

Now this behavior is not consistent, as certain images will be able to dragged on the desktop.

For example, this file will work: Firefox Logo

But this cute giraffe doesn't: Cute Giraffe

Part of the issue above, is that the image is saved with a .jpg extension when its header are showing it as a PNG

This seems to happen a lot with password protected sites, where an AuthType Basic is used. (consistent drag to desktop issues from an environment with an htaccess AuthType Basic)

but this