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What happened to the "Organized Bookmarks" menu item in FF5?

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I want to export my FF5 bookmarks for backup and syncing purposes, and so I looked up "Exporting bookmarks to an HTML File" in Help and I read this: "On the menu bar, click on the Bookmarks menu and choose Organize Bookmarks....". In my copy of FF5, there is no such menu item???

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"Show All Bookmarks" replaces what was "Organize Bookmarks"; otherwise, all the same including the keyboard shortcut of "Ctrl+Shift+B".

You can make Firefox Firefox 5.0 look like Firefox 3.6.18, see numbered items 1-10 in the following topic Fix Firefox 4.0 toolbar user interface, problems (Make Firefox 5.0, or 4.0.1, look like 3.6). Whether or not you make changes, you should be aware of what has changed and what you have to do to use changed or missing features.

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I can't understand why "Organize Bookmarks" was changed to "Show All Bookmarks", the former was obvious to its intent, the latter would imply that some bookmarks in the list were hidden!