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clicking on "+" to open new tab doesn't work

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Closeing firefox and restarting doesn't fix problem. Using firefox 3.6 on windows xp, I don't want to upgrade to newer version, since there doesn't not appear to be a navigation bar on the newer version.

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This issue can be caused by the Ask.com toolbar (Tools > Add-ons > Extensions)

Your system details show that toolbar in the user agent as AskTbMP3R7/

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Thank you for your response Cor-el. In fact the Ask.com toolbar had recently appeared on my browser, and I immediately turned it off since I didn't want it. It's frustrating how they can sneak these things in on us sometimes in spite of our attempts to keep so much clutter out. So this issue of the new tab button not working anymore in Firefox 3.6, even after turning off the Ask.com toolbar, it was finally enough to make me cave in to the constant badgering to upgrade to Firefox 4.0 ... Christ these endless upgrades are annoying ... Adobe Acrobat Reader has to be the worst offender in this category. Anyway, after installing Firefox 4.0, there was a terrible glitch, which was an error message box that popped up every single time I clicked on any link on any page. This was the last straw. One can only bear so much, then one is forced to look for new answers. I installed Google Chrome. Naturally the interface, look and feel are quite different from Firefox, but after less than 24 hours with Google Chrome, I am really liking it. It is truly a step up in the browsing experience it provides; so fast, and the way it handles bookmarks is so nice; even sophisticated. Oh, and about the relentless nagging upgrade messages from all manner of software that have caused us all so much suffering over the years, Google Chrome upgrades itself automatically behind the scenes without any need to bother you about such trifle maintenance issues. I recommend it to everyone. Step up to a new enlightened browsing experience People! Try Google Chrome and you'll be glad you did!