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How can I keep my xp theme from interfering with web page colors in Firefox?

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I've started using a darker theme with white text and dark fields. It's working great except for certain text fields on the web.

Example: Google Maps' search field is fine, but the Get Directions: A and B fields are black field on black.

I don't have firefox set to use system colors for font/ field colors, but my guess is the web pages themselves are looking for the system colors and using them as if I had the default black on white scheme. The result is black text in a black input field. Not every field but some fields.

Is there a way I could point the site to the standard / classic theme whenever it looks for the system colors?

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  • gmail login screen:

id and pass fields and check box show up as white on black (system colors-legible)

  • google search field:

shows up as black text on white (not system colors-legible)

  • google maps Get Directions:

A and B fields are black text on black field (system field color only-illegible)

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