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Location Bar autocomplete and drop-down menu (a browser.urlbar setting conflict)

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I would like to completely turn off Location Bar auto-complete but retain use of the Location Bar drop-down menu (which displays when you click the small arrow adjacent to the URL). These appear to be mutually exclusive as a security feature.

Setting urlbar.autocomplete.enable to false (or setting Tools>Options>Privacy Tab>Location Bar to Nothing) eliminates access to the drop-down menu.

I use OldBar because I'm a minimalist. My end goal is a Location Bar that only stores URL's I hand enter (achieved by setting urlbar.default.behavior to "32"), has autocomplete turned off, and a functional drop-down.

I'm not a programmer, but as a suggested fix: change autocomplete.enable to an integer as follows: 0 = autocomplete off, and shuts off other Location Bar functionality (currently "false") 1 = autocomplete off, and leaves on other Location Bar functionality 2 = autocomplete on (currently "true")

Thanks for the help.