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PLEASE restore classic behaviour of SAVE and QUIT

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There is a real need to restore the classic behaviour of firefox on closing, i mean: closing firefox -> prompt asking [save and quit] [quit] [cancel] then the behaviour: save and quit -> save open tabs and reopen them at next firefox startup quit -> close fierfox and delete current session, fresh firefox session at next startup it was also possible to enable it by the "showQuitWarning" in about:config

At the actual status you can only choose between:

always reopen previous session  : so when you close firefox with 20 open tabs that you dont need anymore you will find all them open again when you reopen firefox and then you have to close them one by one or manually start a new session


do not reopen previous session : so when you close firefox and you have some open tabs you must remeber to manually restore previous session on next startup because otherwise you will lose those tabs

So, why don't just reintroduce the classic behaviour and let the user choose what's better? Seems legit for a browser said to be open

Try to ask users if more feedback are needed

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