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What happened to Session Manager in 67.0.3 (64-bit)?? Seems to be limited to Private Windows only!? How do I manage (restore) from my existing session backups?

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My Mac just updated to OS 10.14.4, and Firefox updated to 67.0.3 (64-bit) on reboot. After that, I do not see "Session Manager" in my Tools options. Checking "Add-ons Manager", I see "Tab Session Manager" and it indicates "allowed in private windows". But, I do not see my "Session Manager". I do see it under "Legacy Extensions", which is very troublesome.

What does this mean? What has happened to my historic backed-up sessions? How to I access and backup points-in-time?

- I expect to be able to restore from other than the current last session.
- The browser seems only to be able to call up the last session.

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The "allowed in private windows" label means that the extension works in regular mode and in Private Browsing mode. Previously extensions worked by default in Private Browsing mode. If you wouldn't want to use an extension in PB mode then you can now disable this.

The "Tab Session Manager" extension is a Web Extension and should appear under Extensions.

The "Session Manager" is likely a leftover from Firefox 56 or older and is a Legacy Extension that is no longer supported in Firefox 57 and later.

Does the Tab Session Manager show as enabled?

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Ah! thanks @cor-el. Yep. Tab Session Manager is present and enabled. I'll check its Prefs. Glad to hear the "allowed in Private Windows" does not mean a limitation, but rather further capability. The old Session Manager shows up under the Legacy section. Admitting I'm proudly a bit "old-school".  ;-)

- I've also got an old laptop that won't bump beyond Firefox 56 - that's why part of the confusion.