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How is this ESR browser subscribed to notifications?

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I have a client who has Firefox ESR 52 and has multiple sites with web push notifications enabled, and they say they are getting pushes from those sites. How is this possible given that service workers are disabled for that browser? Were service workers enabled/allowed at some point, and then disabled later (so if you had it integrated and enabled it early on, it still works now)? Or is there another way to have web pushes for that browser?

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Push notifications are opt-in, and you can revoke permission from any website at any time.

  • Page Info -> Permissions: Receive Notifications
  • Options/Preferences -> Content: Notifications

These notifications require that you give permission to receive the notification when the website prompt you. These types of notifications are controlled globally via prefs that you can inspect and modify via the about:config page.

Global setting Push notifications: dom.push.enabled (dom.push.serverURL) Global setting Web notifications: dom.webnotifications.enabled and dom.webnotifications.serviceworker.enabled Global setting Desktop: notification.feature.enabled Global setting for service workers: dom.serviceWorkers.enabled

See also about:serviceworkers

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