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Firefox crashes

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Crash ID: bp-9dd85749-1df1-4934-8758-829151171118 Crash ID: bp-4501b3fd-83ac-4b0b-a88d-631dd1171014 Crash ID: bp-196616a5-320a-4903-b9d0-fd79e1171014 Crash ID: bp-abe593ac-8c4d-4d92-b5d2-c44581171014 Crash ID: bp-cc368ff9-3dca-4b15-8b4e-b9fe11171114 Crash ID: bp-e7db4d43-53c5-4f66-8b8a-3f4b41171108 Crash ID: bp-f7b20844-29ac-44ec-84ca-43f0b1171102 Crash ID: bp-fda8f63e-e5e5-4332-b8be-3befe1171026 Crash ID: bp-3db47a87-00b4-48ae-a6eb-5a2891171030

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Hi, try updating you graphics drivers Upgrade your graphics drivers to use hardware acceleration and WebGL

Also, there may be a conflict with Malwarebytes so try updating or disable to test.

In addition, hold down Shift when you start Firefox to start in Safe Mode. More - Diagnose Firefox issues using Troubleshoot Mode

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