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Why do I have 2 Unsorted Bookmarks folders (1 with a star in it) ?

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Using FF 47.0.1 on Vista system and have been using FF for several years on this system.

I have 2 Unsorted Bookmarks folders with identical contents. One UB icon is a folder and the other is a star on top of what looks like a floppy drive. Deleting one deletes both Unsorted Bookmarks.

Where did the 2nd UB folder come from and how can I delete it without deleting all of my unsorted bookmarks?

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I found that after doing a refresh on Firefox, sometimes I end up with duplicate entries in the Bookmarks Manager.

You should be able to remove one folder without losing the other. Make sure you have a backup just in case.

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So I created another folder and moved everything in my Unsorted Bookmarks folder (the one without the star on it) into it. As I moved each entry out of the folder, the identical entry in my Unsorted Bookmarks folder, the one with the star on it, disappeared.

Then I deleted the Unsorted Bookmarks folder without the star and moved the entries from my new folder to the Unsorted Bookmarks folder with the star on it.

Problem fixed.

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That was very good work. Well done. Please flag your last post as Solved Problem so others will know.