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Has anyone created a form that fills in variable parts of HTML and CSS code in a web page template for off-line use?

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I have created HTML and CSS files for a complex web page in which most of the variables are coded for change by a form in which a user can fill in the specifics that would replace the variables in the web page code. For example where the HTML and CSS templates may include "PL1.jpg" and "PL1.html" and PL1.css, the form would be designed to replace all instances of "PL1" by text filled in by the form user. The form I need would include at least 100 inputs; each of which could affect multiple files. templates.

Is there anything like that in existence?

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Not a Firefox end user support issue, which is what this forum is intended to serve . See this for information about developer support. https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/where-go-developer-support