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Disable Dev Tools

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I've tried everything I can find on-line but I cannot prevent the developer tools from interfering when I type in a search or type in text on a web page.

I have gone to about:config and turned off every dev listed, still nothing changes.

It still occurs even with adds on/extensions disabled and Plug ins set to never activate. I am not using the shift or control key or any combination of keys.

I am using firefox 43.0.2

Please tell me how to remove the developer tools from my computer

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What developer tool in particular is opening in your case?

Some tools can possibly disabled via prefs on the about:config page. Current Firefox versions have a lot of built-in web developer tools including an Inspector and Style editor.

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I've already disabled everything for the dev tools in about: config (see my post above)

I am not interested in using the dev tools/toolbox..I want it to stop popping up on my screen every time I type in the search bar or fill out my username on sites !

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You haven't told us yet what developer tool you get. A dev tools would normally only open if you press its keyboard shortcut.

You appear to have a disabled Customizable Shortcuts extension.

Did you try to set the shortcut to something else (e.g. javascript:void(0))?

Can you attach a screenshot?

  • Use a compressed image type like PNG or JPG to save the screenshot
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Thank you cor-el for trying to help. I disabled the Customizable Shortcut extension because I have never used it and thought it might be part of my problem.

I've managed to get rid of all the goobldegook that was in the toolbox that pops up; now it is a blank box.

I took a screenshot of it and saved it as PNG image. When I click on the browse button to add images nothing happens. I must be an idiot !