Add-ons hidden after updating to Firefox 7

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There was an issue with Firefox 7 that may have caused some or all of your add-ons to be hidden. We have released an update to Firefox that fixes this issue and restores any hidden add-ons. Please update Firefox or download and install the latest version from

We know how important add-ons are to you and apologize for the inconvenience.

Note: There is a separate issue where add-ons are disabled (not hidden) after updating Firefox. In that case, you should be able to open the Add-ons manager and see them listed as disabled. For help, see Re-enable add-ons that were disabled when updating Firefox.

If you are unable to update Firefox for some reason, you can restore your add-ons with the simple workaround below.

Install the Add-on Recovery Tool

Warning: This tool only works after you have updated to Firefox 7.
  1. Go to the Add-on Recovery Tool page on
  2. Click the green + Add to Firefox button and this special tool will begin to download.

    Add-on recover - Win1
  3. Click Install Now in the confirmation dialog that comes up. Add-on recover - Win2 Add-on recover - Mac2 Add-on recover - Lin2
  4. Once the Add-on Recovery Tool is installed, click the Restart Firefox prompt to complete the process. Firefox will restart and your add-ons will be restored.
    Add-on recover - Win3 Add-on recover - Mac3 Add-on recover - Lin3
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