Print-friendly pages in Firefox - clutter-free printing

(Преусмерено са Firefox Simplify Page for clutter-free printing)
Нико није превео овај чланак. Ако знате како ради SUMO локализација, започните превођење сада. Ако желите да научите да преводите чланке за SUMO, молимо започните овде.

Print-friendly view strips away clutter like buttons, ads, and background images when you print web pages for better readability and paper/ink savings.

Before and after Simplify page

To get print-friendly view, turn on Reader View on the page before printing:

  1. If a page is available in Reader View, the Reader View icon reader mode icon 57 will appear in the address bar.
    reading mode url 57
  2. Click on the Reader View iconreader mode icon 57. The icon will turn blue when the page is in Reader View.
  3. Click on the menu button fx57menu to open the menu panel.
  4. Click Print to preview the page and print it.

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