Конектовање на интернет користећи Вај-Фај на Фајерфокс ОС

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REDIRECT Connect to Wi-Fi or data

Connecting to a Wireless Network

  1. To connect to a wireless network, follow the steps in the Connect to Wi-Fi or data.
    If you are connecting for the first time, the network is saved as a known network. You will not have to re-connect to the network if you are in range and will not have to re-enter your network password.
  2. To connect to a known network, pull down the utility tray, known as the notification bar from the top of your screen and tap the Wifi icon in the bottom left.

    WiFi toggle on Firefox OS
    • You are connected to a known network if it is in range.
  3. Tap the Firefox icon to open the browser.
    • The browser home screen appears if you are online.

      WakaFlockaBrowser .


In this section we will troubleshoot to see what is causing your issue.

Network Connection

One issue is because you have lost network connection or you are not in range to receive network connection.
A blue screen with an Offline mode error as shown below indicates that you have lost your connection.


  1. Open the Settings app and tap WiFi to view available networks.
    Tip: Tap the WiFi switch to toggle the service, if no available networks appear.
  2. Tap the network you want to connect to and enter the password if requested.
    • The word Connected appears under the chosen network when connected.
  3. Close the app or browser that had the blue screen by tapping and holding the home button on your device and tapping the X for that app.
  4. Re-open the app or browser and try to re-load the page.
    • The status bar at the top of your screen should show the Wifi icon with an animated indicator of the connection. The browser will also have a small progress bar at the top as the page loads.

A blue screen with a Server not found error could indicate a problem with the website itself or with your browser settings.


  1. Check your internet connection by opening the Settings app and review the WiFi connection to ensure that a Connected to name of network is present.
    • If you aren't connected, tap the Wifi button and select an available network.
  2. Check if you can load the website using Dynamic app search.
  3. Swipe to the right to load the dynamic app search.
  4. Type the name of the website into the search box that says Everything and press Enter on the keyboard.
  5. Tap the icon for the website you want to view.
    • If the website loads, you might want to clear your cookies (instructions below) and data from the browser in order to view the same website in the browser.
  6. After clearing cache and cookies, reload the webpage.
If you are unable to load the website with the browser or dynamic app search, it could be a problem with the website itself.

Clear Cache and Cookies

  1. To clear your cookies and data from the browser, complete the following steps:
  2. Open the browser and tap the tab in the upper-right.
    • The sidebar opens.
  3. Tap the gear button at the top to open the browser settings.
  4. Tap the Clear cookies and private data button.


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