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Ernest Chiang (MozTW) (dwchiang)

Taipei, TW


About Ernest Chiang (MozTW)

I'm Ernest (dwchiang). I'm an Independent System Integration Consultant. I was Process Integration Engineer in semiconductor area(TSMC). I'm a certified PMP (Project Management Professional)and AIESEC Alumni. I work on cross-field project management and web-based development professionally.

Usually, I will show up at MozTW Labs in Taipei (almost every Monday), Firefox Party, SUMO Party, or any Mozilla/Open Source related events.

I held SUMO Party in Taipei with MozTW members in 2010 Sep. and would be Sponsorship team lead of COSCUP in 2011. (COSCUP, Conference for Open Source Coders, Users, and Promoters/largest FLOSS conference in Taiwan)

  • Sponsorship Lead, COSCUP 2011 at SINICA, Taipei, Taiwan. (2011)
  • Chief Diplomat Officer, COSCUP / GNOME.Asia 2010 at SINICA, diplomat of COSCUP side. (2010)

(also as member of program committee and sponsorship team.)

  • Firefox 3.5 mini Party, Taichung, Taiwan (2009)
  • Firefox 3 Party at ASUS, Taipei, Taiwan (2008)
  • Firefox 2 Party at Library, Taipei, Taiwan (2006)

More SUMO related information, you can find it at (zh-TW):

or my blog (zh-TW):

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