How do I launch Firefox for Windows 8 Touch?

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Firefox comes with touchscreen features specially designed for your touch-enabled Windows 8 device. We'll show you how to switch to the touchscreen version in just a few, easy clicks.

Note: This applies to the latest Firefox Beta version which can be downloaded from

Note: This article only applies to Windows 8

Launch Firefox for Windows 8 Touch

  • Click the Firefox button at the top of the window and choose Relaunch in Firefox for Windows 8 Touch.
    fx28 win 8
  • Click the menu button new FX menu and choose Windows 8 Touch.
    fx29 win8

Firefox will reopen all of your tabs so you can pick up where you left off!

Note: If Firefox is not your default browser, a dialog window will ask you to choose a browser. Select Firefox from the list to continue.

Switch back to the desktop version

  • Swipe up from the bottom of the screen, tap the menu button new win8 menu and choose Relaunch in Desktop.
    fx28 win8 desktop
Note: The next time you launch Firefox, it will open in the last version you used.

Can't find the Firefox tile on your Start screen?

Firefox comes with a nice, big tile that's easy to recognize and tap.

win8 tile

If you don't see the tile on your Start Screen, check your device's Apps page by dragging the Start Screen up. Once you've located the Firefox tile in the Apps list, pin it to your Start screen for easy access.

Now that you know how to launch Firefox for Windows 8 Touch, see A quick guide to Firefox for Windows 8 Touch to learn more about Firefox's many features.


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