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Can't restore Firefox version 14.0.1 bookmarks on a version 15.0.1 browser

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Using Sync on my v15.0.1 Firefox browser wiped my bookmarks completely even on the Sync server. So I had an old laptop with the v14.0.1 browser that has a slightly old version of my bookmarks. I saved those bookmarks as a JSON and an HTML backup but neither is able to be loaded on my v15.0.1 browser. I disconnected the v15 browser from Sync and am now just trying to get my bookmarks read from one of those file formats.

When I try the reading in from the Library > Import and Backup > Restore > Choose File menu item I see the 'this will replace all of your bookmarks' warning then a dialog that says "unable to process the backup file". If I try Library > Import and Backup > Import Bookmarks from HTML I see no error dialog but no bookmarks appear either.

How do you get bookmarks read from a file into a v15.0.1 browser?

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Sorry to hear about Sync. I think the service sometimes is not clear on which direction is the one you want to sync in, but I haven't used it for a few months, so I'm not aware of any changes that may have occurred since my test.

When you import from HTML, typically a new folder is added to the Bookmarks menu with the imported items. This might begin with the word Imported.

On your old laptop, did you find a bookmarkbackups folder? Those are in the JSON format and hopefully could be imported successfully. From Firefox, open Help > Troubleshooting Information > "Show Folder" to launch your profile folder in Windows Explorer. Then navigate into bookmarkbackups and copy from there.

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Thanks for the info but still not working. I transfered the JSON file over and the bookmarks Library window remains empty as well as the Bookmarks toolbar.

I am beginning to think there is something damaged about the bookmarks or web browser on the v15.0.1 system. Things I tried:

  • tried to restore v14.0.1 JSON bookmarks to the v15 pc -> bookmarks are empty
  • tried to restore v14 HTML bookmarks to the v15 pc -> bookmarks are empty
  • tried to restore the v15 JSON bookmarks to the v14 PC -> bookmarks are empty
  • tried restoring the v14 JSON bookmarks to the v14 PC -> bookmarks ok

It would seem there is either an incompatibility or corruption of the v15 bookmarks or the v15 Firefox configuration (maybe a bad plugin?). I'm inclined to remove the v15 Firefox then re-install it with no addons to see if this changes the equation. Does that sound like a reasonable approach?

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