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Sync in Firefox 5.0 does not exist or is not working.

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Recently upgraded to Firefox 5.0 and had previously used Xmarks to sync my bookmarks. In Firefox 5.0 I do not see a viable alternative (even Firefox Sync seems to be restricted to Firefox version 3.5/3.6 1.7.

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Check this out- It doesn't work. (at least not right now.)

Fist I would like to note that I have upgraded from version 3.0 to 3.x to 4.0 to 5.0. In doing so I just noticed that the sync plug-in was still installed. I uninstalled the plug-in, clicked on the Clear My Sync Data Button (Account Management ) , and reentered my information into the built in sync dialog. Still no dice. So I deleted my account, created a new account and am still having the same issue.

Message on the bottom of the screen: "! Sync encountered an error while connecting: Incorrect account name or password. Please try again. {Preferences}"

Thinking 5.0 may be the problem. It worked great up to that point. Thought it would be the perfect solution to sync my bookmarks between my personal PC, work PC, laptop and phone.

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