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Shmangni karremëzime gjoja asistence. S’do t’ju kërkojmë kurrë të bëni një thirrje apo të dërgoni tekst te një numër telefoni, apo të na jepni të dhëna personale. Ju lutemi, raportoni veprimtari të dyshimtë duke përdorur mundësinë “Raportoni Abuzim”.

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Can't load facebook flash games completely, can load and play games anywhere else

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I have adobe flash player 10.2 for firefox installed. I've got 3.5.18 Firefox. Up until about February I was able to play flash games just fine, even with an apparently outdated Firefox and flash player 10.

Then I suddenly couldn't completely load games like Frontierville or Treasure Isle. No matter what I would do; including clearing the cache, clearing temporary internet files, reloading the page repeatedly, restarting my computer and uninstalling/reinstalling my flash plugin and my browser, the loading screen would hang at about 98% completion. This is now a common issue across the site for me. No games at all will load.

I can go to any other site however, and play any flash movie or flash game I wish. It will load properly, and play as normal. Any and all addictinggames.com games and any and all miniclip.com games work just fine, as an example.

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FaceBook Games Doesn't Work Properly In FireFox 5

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I have played the facebook games on firefox, they run perfectly fine on firefox. no problem with the games. All the games are working fine. Facebook games, chrome games or be it online games, they work absolutely fine on my firefox. There might be some problem with your computer. Try to fix it yourself. My firefox runs absolutely fine. The favicon on my site is a movable one which keeps sliding. Even the favicon works on my firefox which does not work on Google chrome. Internet explorer completely messes up my website but firefox is absolutely working good. I play games on [[Racing Games|http://www.racinggames9.com/]] and i haven't had any problem with any of the games here. Miniclip is also working fine on my firefox.